About Nate

Hi I’m Nate! I’m currently an undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma, where I first got the idea for trunking. At first I was dead set on writing a climbing-style guide book for trunking on OU’s campus, but I’m hoping a blog will help me get a little more traffic while I’m putting all the ideas together.

I’ve been climbing for a few years now, and it only seems to get better. I’ve been bouldering at Hueco Tanks, and I just recently got to use my own lead climbing gear for the first time at Fern Arkansas. I love to climb at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge here in Oklahoma. This summer I’m planning to go to Horseshoe Canyon for the first time as well as deep water soloing down in Austin, Texas. When I can’t get outdoors, I usually climb at Climb Up Norman, my local gym. The community there is fantastic.

I worked as a climbing wall attendant at my university’s tiny, old-fashioned climbing wall (the kind with natural ‘rock-like’ texture where you can’t set a hold larger than your fist without awkward and dangerous edges sticking out) my sophomore year, and that got me looking at the world in new ways. Everything looked like climbing routes, and that’s when I realized that trees pose very similar climbing problems. Why aren’t we climbing trees? We grew up doing it. Trees are everywhere. Most trees won’t pose a problem to a skilled climber, but some have the features to provide an interesting challenging. Anyway, I’m getting too much into this. If you haven’t figured it out yet, check out the (not yet posted) About Trunking page.

Spring 2017 I started slacklining regularly, bringing good vibes to OU’s south oval and restarting the Sooner Slackliners club. Slacklining is an excellent sport, both intense and relaxing, and the community that grew around it only helped convince me that the world wants trunking. It may not be ready for it just yet, but every good idea has to start somewhere.

-Nate Richbourg

P.S. if you somehow found this in connection to my previous blogs (Anamnesis or Radbourg Journal) and are interested in any of those stories or essays, they’re all archived here privately. Feel free to contact me at nrichbourg@outlook.com if you want to read any of those or have any other questions.


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